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CZone Products DC Interfaces
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DC Interfaces

DC circuit control, monitoring and protection modules.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I replace a faulty module?

Just match the dipswitch value on the new module and plug in to network.  The new module will read the configuration from another CZone module and configure itself automatically.

How do I manually override a DC load?

For DC Modules with mechanical fuses, locate the necessary circuit and carefully move fuse from 'Normal' to 'Bypass' position.  For DC Modules without mechanical fuses refer to the modules manual for electronic bypass procedure.

How do I update a CZone Configuration on an Output Interface?

The CZone configuration should be written to the complete CZone network and all its configured devices.  This is done with a USB to CAN Interface and CZone Configuration Tool, or via the modules USB Port if available.



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