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A single, intuitive control center for your CZone system.  

Frequently asked questions

How do I check the software version on my CZone Display?

Go to Settings>About page to check software version. To update, download latest version from CZone Portal and update via appropriate media stick.

How do I change the dipswitch on my CZone Display?

CZone Displays have a software dipswitch unlike the physical dipswitch on most CZone Modules. The dipswitch can be changed by going to the Settings>Advanced page. Always ensure the dipswitch matches what is assigned to it in the systems CZone Configuration File.

My CZone Display is too bright, how do I dim the backlight?

To access Backlight controls swipe up from bottom of any page. You can dim the backlight to a specific level using the slider or press the power button to put in stand by. Additionally, you can configure the display to automatically go in to standby from the Settings>System page.

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