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CZone Specialty Vehicle
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Specialty Vehicle

Simplified control systems you can depend on when it matters most.

Deploy quickly with modes.

CZone Modes allow you to automate start-up functions based on pre-defined configurations. Configure on “On-scene” Mode to deploy vehicle stabilizers, extend side-wall slide-outs, or start and maintain generators and on-board house battery supply for your electrical systems.

The result? You can deploy on scene quicker than ever.

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Max operational efficiency.

Standardizing your fleet with CZone will help remove procedural complexity and protect against operator error. CZone’s USB port upgrade allows identical configurations to be deployed easily across your entire fleet, ensuring each vehicle contains the same set up.

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Review system history.

The ability to review system history during maintenance periods is a game-changer. Alarms and system logging make it easy to find faults and make repairs. Any power related issues can be effectively reported, reducing instances of equipment failure and subsequent downtime.

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Uninterrupted power.

We’ve integrated with Mastervolt’s Inverter / Charger and Lithium-Ion batteries to create a comprehensive UPS solution for continual power supply in our specialty vehicle fleets. This ensures uninterrupted power in the event of a generator shutdown.

Our systems also feature built-in manual fuse overrides to ensure operation can continue in the event of any electrical or communications failure.

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